Our Top 5 Eco Friendly Luxury Picks...To Make Your Home Green

  1. Who says T.P. can’t be luxurious?...well with a name like Who Gives a Crap” luxury may not be your first thought, but this toilet paper is made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled paper and bamboo. Bamboo for you bum?!...niiiice! And 50% of the companies profits go toward building toilets for those in need as well as sanitation improvements in developing countries. Sounds like Who Gives a Crap, gives a crap.
  2.             Judy Jetson never imagined this!... The MushLume lighting collection from Danielle Trofe. This lighting collection, made from mushroom material, encompasses design, science, and technology and initiates a conversation around reimagining a more sustainable future. Materials are grown versus manufactured, creating design and eco-friendly solutions that are fun and environmentally responsible. 
  3.    Algae Lamp Ok if you hated science in high school, this will change everything! The algae lamp is one of the most fun and dopest lamps we have ever seen (yes, dopest). Reminiscent of a science experiment, designers of the Algae Lamp explore the idea of photosynthetic furniture by creating a lamp with microalga. If you don't remember microalga (and neither did we), it is an organism typically found in freshwater and marine systems that can absorb carbon dioxide, (as well as) gives off light and heat.
  4. The iameco D4R laptop is the first truly environmentally-friendly laptop.  Focusing on the laptops material and internal manufacturing details, this handsome hunk of technology reduces energy consumption, encourages re-use and eliminates waste. To get even more specific, all the harmful materials such as brominated flame retardants, PVCs and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury that are used in your average computer don’t exist in the iameco D4R.
  5.                  Ok, Gota means single “drop” of water in Portuguese, and you “gotta” see this high tech, high pressure, low-water level consumption, mini dishwasher. Ok we admit, that was a bad “gotta” joke to make a point, but this premium kitchen appliance is no laughing matter with its simple interface and sleek beautiful futuristic design, you save water and energy! Perfect if you’re single or bout that tiny house living.


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