Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags



yoga matMultipurpose use: Hot sale dog waste bags with multipurpose use. Your garbage bags have been used up? New cute members come to your home? Don’t worry, this strong and durable dog waste bag can also be used as garbage bag to solve your urgent need, and fit for all pet waste. Better performance: This dog waste bag is thicker than other waste bags. You even can use it to pick up the waste with your hands without worrying about leaking. It is a more strong and durable waste bag for safe and sanitary handling, meanwhile minimize waste odor. More convenience: A handy dispenser is provided to add convenience when walking your dog. Besides, these rolls fit for all standard-size dispensers and can be quickly pulled out. Easy-tear-off design enable bags to be easily torn from the roll. The bag is designed with enough room to be reserved over your hand and to pick up waste. Leak-proof design enables safe and sanitary handling, with enough space for a secure knot. Additionally, cute pattern on the bags also helps you to find which end to open easily. Avoid allergy: The unscented dog waste bag frees from allergy, and is especially good for sensitive puppies. Avoid pollution: This type of dog waste bags is 100% biodegradable to protect the environment. Let's protect our home make a green planet!