Arm Knit Blanket Throw Kit!
arm knit blanket throw kit

Arm Knit Blanket Kit

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Nicole Snow owner of Darn Good Yarn designed this Blanket Throw using the ever so popular Arm Knitting technique! In this kit you will get 10 skeins of Reclaimed Assorted Chiffon.

The direction for the Blanket are easy!

1) Holding 5 strands of Chiffon together you cast on 15 stitches, Arm Knit until you are at the end of the 5 strands.

2) Add 5 more strands (held together) and knit untill you have enough ribbon to cast off.

3) Cast off.

4) Tie in all the loose ends and there you go you have a Darn Good Yarn Arm Knitted Throw!

The Assorted Chiffon comes in all different colors, when you place your order is you have a color preferences leave a note on your order and we will send you ribbon to match your preferences.

When you are done with you blanket send us a picture! We love see what our customers make!

Do you want to learn how to Arm Knit? Click here to watch a Youtube video where nicole explains how to Arm Knit!