Badges of the Brave Heritage Blanket

Badges of the Brave Heritage Blanket

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The Victoria England is the oldest of the Basotho heritage brands. It was developed in 1897 and was named after Queen Victoria of England who made “Basutoland”, now Lesotho, a British protectorate in 1868. The design is called the badges of the brave and it refers to badges of the allied forces of the Commonwealth that fought in World War 2. 

  • 155cm x 165cm
  • 50% wool / 50% Draylon blended yarn
  • Handmade is South Africa

The Basotho heritage brands are manufactured by means of vertical manufacturing process. This means that the 50% wool and 50% Draylon blended yarn is spun in house, and this yarn is woven by means of state of the art jacquard weave technology into the finest quality Basotho blankets. The blankets are finished by using a wet finishing process, the blankets are washed after weaving and then finished in a wet state.

Aranda prides itself by producing the best quality Basotho blankets that money can buy. The Basotho blankets are handmade in South Africa. The Aranda Learnership College (Pty) Ltd provides education and training opportunities to young people in South Africa and continues to facilitate work experience opportunities for young people to acquire technical and income-generating skills.