"Girls Girls Girls" Sweatshirt

"Girls Girls Girls" Sweatshirt

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Accompany x Prinkshop

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Accompany’s exclusive sweatshirt design with Prinkshop to spread awareness of sex trafficking in the United States. The sweatshirts are made in the USA, silkscreened in a not-for-profit in the East Village which hires at-risk teens and trains them as past of Prinkshop's core mission.

DONATION/CHARITY: Accompany and Prinkshop will give a combined donation of $15 per sweatshirt to 3Generations, a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to helping survivors tell their stories to the world.

MEASUREMENTS from Size Small
Length (Shoulder to Hem): 26"

Sleeve Length: 24", Armhole: 20"
Shoulder to shoulder width: 20"
Bottom Hem: 34"-36"

About Prinkshop:
Pamela Bell founded prinkshop to prove a model she calls “creative capitalism.”   prinkshop creates advocacy graphics for our most pressing social issues and then translates them on to products that allow customers to wear what they care about. prinkshop produces in the USA and aims to create jobs at the same time as it spreads awareness and a passion for change. In the creative capitalism model a business can be at once profitable and socially beneficial.