Kimono Knit Pattern

Kimono Knit Pattern

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What you will need

Darn Good Yarn's Sari Silk Ribbon - depending on which size you choose, you'll have to adjust the quantity you will need. Both sizes will also need two skeins of Darn Good Yarn's Lux Adventure Silk Yarn.

For the smaller jacket, which fits a size S-L, you will need 9 skeins of Darn Good Yarn’s Recycled Silk Ribbon.

For the larger jacket, which fits a XL-XXL, you will need 14 skeins of Darn Good
Yarn’s Recycled Silk Ribbon.


Size 6 (4mm) straight needles: These needles are for the collar created in Lux Adventure Recycled Silk Yarn. Your gauge should be 4 sts per inch.

Size 11 (8mm) circular needles with at least 3 feet of cord. You will be working back and forth as if they were straight needles but the long length helps give you enough wiggle room to keep your project on one set of needles. This is where a pair of interchangeable needles would work brilliantly. You gauge should be 3 sts per inch. The height isn’t critical since you are measuring as you go (versus the method of making ―x‖ number of rows).

A needle with a huge eye. If you order the kit I’ll put one in there for free.