Knit! Cowl Neck Poncho Kit (Yarn Plus Pattern)
Knit! Cowl Neck Poncho Kit (Yarn Plus Pattern)

Cowl Neck Poncho Kit

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Over the summer, Darn Good Yarn hosted its first pattern submission contest! Wow, what great entries we had and we actually wound up choosing 2 winners who won a $100 shopping spree on Darn Good Yarn! (pssssst! By the way, we're going to keep this as a staple at Darn Good Yarn. So be sure to follow us on facebook to get the scoop or email us at for more info)

One of our winners was Denae! A designer and obvious lover of colors. She runs an etsy shop plus a few other goodies across the web. Take a moment to stop by and like her pages and say a hi from DGY-land:

Watch more of Denae here and lets support her as she grows her fabulous designs!

She designed a cowl neck poncho out of Darn Good Yarn's Recycled Photon Rainbow Sport Weight Recycled Silk Yarn. You can actually see the Cowl Neck Poncho she made in the background of this video. Isn't that cool?

So, here's the deal! If you're a knitter and you want to get the kit (which includes the yarn and the printed pattern) now's your chance to get first dibs on the pattern. Now, I don't want you worrying one bit. If you are beginner, you can so do this! You need to know how to knit in the round on circular needles (size 5's) plus Kfb – Knit into the front and back of the stitch
K2W – Knit wrapping the working yarn twice
around the needle before slipping the stitch over
K3W – Knit wrapping the working yarn three
times around the needle before slipping the stitch over
K5W – Knit wrapping the working yarn five
times around the needle before slipping the stitch over

(Nicole's tip: There are youtube videos for all of these techniques if you're at all freaked out by them!)

The yarn for the kit uses 4 skeins of our Recycled Photon Rainbow Yarn. By purchasing the kit you will save too!

Once you have worked with this 100% handspun yarn made from recycled sari silk remnants (all new material) you will be hooked! If it is not the super yummy texture that this sport weight yarn has in spades, it will be the rainbow of colors and the "wonder what comes next" experience that will keep you working.
This yarn will keep you engaged even after you are done with your project! The reason? The sari silk yarn will get "broken in" over time. Gaining softness and a very sumptuous sheen to it with usage! So the more you use your finished sari silk yarn garment or accessory, the more beautiful it will become! How great is that? Each hank is 100g and has 147 yards to it!
Dry clean, or hand wash or delicate cold cycle. If you would like to soften it up more you can throw it in the dryer on a low setting.
In buying this yarn you will not only satisfy your inner crafting goddess, but you also help out farming families in India who hand-craft this yarn.