Made In Maine Certified: Heirloom Quality Handmade Cherry Size 50 /25 mm Knitting Needles

Heirloom Quality Handmade Size 50/25 mm Knitting Needles

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This is one of those times that I get some butterflies in my stomach when I bring you a new item because I know there is so much love and time that goes into it.

Not long ago, I discovered how awesome size 50 needles were to work with when using my ribbon line here at Darn Good Yarn (Around 35+ different varieties).

So, my friend Pam (she owns my local Agway here in Maine) introduced me to Beth Carpenter. Beth is freaken awesome. I was like, "Do you think you can help me create an amazing knitting needle" (I found some problems with the plastics ones I was seeing everywhere) She said yes! Beth and her husband (he calls himself Mr. Beth) hand made piece by piece these AMAZING heirloom quality cherry needles. I asked that they have this cool square top and square headed nail and awesome taper. This is important because when you want to create some rad stitches in your ribbon you're gonna want it. This is something that we really perfected.

They are Size 50/25mm and are 12.5" long.

The other awesome thing with these needles is that you can make a killer scarf out of one hank of my ribbons.

Made in Maine... and yeah, they're as awesome as they sound!

Oh I have to add that they are finished with a mineral oil beeswax blend that Beth made herself!