Palm Arrow Basket

Palm Arrow Basket

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These all natural storage baskets were meticulously handwoven by a cooperative of women in a rural mountain village. Woven using palm & banana leaves, which are a plentiful & renewable resource, the baskets took about two weeks for an artisan to complete. The minimal, geometric pattern was made using non-toxic pigments from seeds, roots, flowers and berries. The baskets feature woven handles that make it easy to move & lift, and a large "button-top" statement lid, which is authentically Ugandan. They are amazingly sturdy & strong, meant to withstand constant use. Use it as a laundry basket, to hide & organize clutter, or as a stand-alone decorative item to add a well-traveled feel to any room.

Due to the use of all natural materials and dyes, and the completely handmade nature, each basket is truly one-of-a-kind; no two are exactly alike. Each basket is individually crafted from start to finish by an artisan in a fair trade environment in Uganda. Imperfections are expected and contribute to the uniqueness of your handmade good.

Materials: 100% all natural banana & palm leaf, plus natural dyes, locally sourced

Colors: Natural, tan base with black pattern

Measurements (a slight variation in size is expected)
Petite: approx. 14" W, 26" H with lid
Oversized: approx. 21" W, 34" H with lid

Care: Keep basket in dry, cool areas, and dust regularly with a soft cloth. The natural dye may fade slightly over time, especially if kept in an area with direct sunlight, but with proper care, it should remain beautiful and vibrant for years to come. Due to the use of natural materials, the basket can be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. This could potentially cause it to slightly expand and contract, which can make securing or removing the lid slightly difficult. If this happens, remove the basket from high-humidity areas, and give it a day or two. We assure you, the basket will return to its intended shape and size soon!