Reclaimed Cotton Ribbon Area Rug Easy Knit Pattern

Area Rug Pattern

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I love knitted items in my house. However, they usually require a little extra care. Well, not this pattern! It uses my reclaimed cotton ribbon (made from remnants of new t-shirts and sheets captured during the manufacturing process). So that means you can throw it in the washer and the dryer! And since the yarn itself varies in widths throughout the skein that lends itself to have cool textures! This little mat will knit up in a jiff and is squishy soft under your feet. Use it in your bathroom, by your hot tub (if applicable), or as a mat at your door. In the consideration of budget I only used 6 total skeins but this would make an incredible hall runner because of the color and textures. If you wanted to go that route just extend on and use 10 or skeins of my reclaimed cotton ribbon yarn! This makes a great housewarming or college dorm warming gift! It works up quick and is super durable!

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