Wooden Clothespin Note Clips - 100 Pack

Wooden Clothespin Note Clips - 100 Pack

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Sure, people have phones, apps, bells and whistles to remind us where to be, what to buy, and how to get there! Sometimes, using the good, old paper and pen is still the best method. These DGY note clips remind us of just that!  Keep your notes together for shopping, crafting, or appointments; it’s that easy with the Wooden Clothespin Note Clips. So yeah, leave yourself a note to pick these colorful note clips up today!

Material: Wood
Size: Approx:3.5cm x0.8cm(1 3/8" x 3/8"), hole size: / Thickness: 10mm( 3/8")
Quantity: 100 pieces
Color: Random
Shipping Weight: 162 grams

Ideas: Handy to have when working with DGY patterns

Additional Information: Color of the clips you receive may be not exactly same as picture shows.