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Did you know we spend 90% of our time indoors?

We create designs through multidimensional methods that impact your overall wellbeing.

Like art, environments are meant to be beautiful and provoke a sense of goodness from within upon contact. We work with 5 basic human design elements in creating our design phases:


  • Mental health awareness has become a real focus in our society.
  • Working with natural building materials can contribute to a decrease in depression, stress, anxiety, and other related mental health issues.
  • The ease and flow of a space can create fluidity, diminishing confusion and cognitive fatigue.


  • Building materials and interior finishes should and can promote people and the planet.
  • Over time environments using traditional materials can create multiple physical health issues from sick building syndrome to mental stress, to hormone disruption.

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  • We believe spirituality goes beyond religion and religious beliefs. To us, connecting design spiritually means connecting to nature as well as those things that connect to our heart coherence.
  • Environments have the ability to uplift our spirits and consciously reconnect us to our own innate joy.


  • Environments are known to impact us emotionally. Both good and bad. We believe in provoking positive emotions whenever possible. Just makes sense, right?
  • The space should fit the emotion and the emotion should fit the space.  


  • Materials coming from a natural environment promote good health.
  • The less inferior substances added to materials the better it is for people and planet.


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